Things are underway at the Skidmore Community Garden! The plants have been growing in the greenhouses while other exciting things have been happening:

1. The fence and shed were installed!

2. The garden has been tilled.

3. Compost and cardboard were put down this afternoon to add organic material.

Keep looking outside Wiecking Hall for more exciting changes.

Happy Spring, everyone. 

If you haven’t noticed (and that would be hard to believe) spring HAS SPRUNG! Amazing things are happening for the Skidmore Student Garden. Plants are sprouting, the garden plans were APPROVED, and the weather could not be more beautiful! Items of note:

1. There will be work party announcements circulating soon - Come help till before the fence gets here!

2. Beats for Beets was fantastic, as was Earth Day.

3. There will be a large and beautiful garden outside of Wiecking Hall in the future - so get ready!

Enjoy the weather, everyone. 

PS. Also enjoy all the pictures of the babies sprouting up!